So daddy sent me the following email…. Who wants to play along???


Since I will be out of town for part of 10 days straight, here is a list of the photos that you must provide to me:

You may do them in any order.

There are 11. You may opt NOT to do ONE of them. Your choice.

1) Your hard cock on your desk, preferably on some paperwork.
2) You naked on your balcony, leaning against the rail.
3) You, smiling. (They’re not all dirty.)
4) You on your couch, jerking off with Teen Wolf visibly on the TV
5) Working your ass with a dildo
6) Working your ass with a dildo in my sling
7) Pants around your ankles while peeing in a recognizeable gay bar bathroom
8) Someone else’s hand on your hard cock
9) An artistic drawings based on you and I fucking
10) Your cock, out of your pants and hard in a room with one of our mutual friends in it…you can be behind them, there’s no reason they need know what you’re doing
11) A pair of MY underwear with your cum sprayed all over it.

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